I present here the nutrient I have developed, for general info in the first place.
I think there is a great opportunity in applying energy to the immune system. The stuff described here (polyacetylated carbohydrates / sugar derivatives found in plants) will as all nutrients first encounter the immune cells when taken up to blood. It will even directly fuel the immune cells by diffusion into the mucous membranes in the lymphatic tissue in and around the tonsils.
It thus implies great opportunities not only by means of nutritional energy supply, but also by means of worldwide distribution and sales. 

"and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations" - Revelation 22:2

Booster Sports Drops Rum is made of sugar, vinegar and rum aroma.

Store cold and dry.

the booster sports drops
natural nutraceutical boooooster

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the world-class nutraceutical: The Booster Sports Drops. It`s an invention based on the precious experience made by the sugar plantation slaves. During their suffering in the heat of the day, they drank / ate raw cane sugar and experienced an enduring stream of energy. This made them capable to bear inhuman burdens of work. The secret lay in the acetylated sugar compounds in the canes. I will honor the memory of these good people and avoid slavery and unfair treatment to happen again. Therefore, I invented The Booster Sports Drops. I discovered this kind of sugar compound that can access the cells in the body without the help of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that in a complex receptor-ligand-cascade chain lets the cells express glucose transporters as GLUT-4 (and other transporter / receptor proteins like for instance LDL-receptors) in their membranes, e.g. muscle cells. This sugar compound is less polar and more branched than ordinary glucose, and it thus more easily bind to the unpolar cell membrane (softens it). At the interface of the cell membranes, it also solutes glucose. The cells will simply engulf this by endocytosis. Other nutrients, as for example cholesterol (in LDL) will also be taken up in the process. This scavenges the blood, lowering the glucose rate and the cholesterol rate in the blood - key factors for a healthy life! It thus functions as a generic insulin / glucose transporter, and might help diabetics among others. The sugar compound in the Booster Sports Drops promotes endocytosis. Once taken up by the cells, the complex carbohydrates (in endosomes) will be attached by lysosomes in the cytoplasm. The acidic (low pH) lysosome vesicles contain acid hydrolases. These enzymes hydrolyse the sugar compounds and release new functional molecules, namely acetic acids which otherwise can`t enter cells in such packages. In a normal human cell, there are around 2000 mitochondria (more in muscle cells). The mitochondria are the energy factories of the body. Acetic acid enters the mitochondria and goes directly into the citric acid cycle and a high yield, O2-consuming energy production. This process ignites the whole body, and keeps the metabolism, the burning of nutrients - "the wheel of life" - in motion. Since the sugar in the Booster Sports Drops are evenly distributed and don`t discriminate between cells, it restores a physiological balance. Acetylation increases bioavailability and crossing of the blood-brain barrier. Luckily, it let the most healthy cells utilize, thrive and work. One can for instance assume that cancer cells, which have an insufficient respiratory chain, and mainly survive by the incomplete, anaerobic glycolysis (breakdown of glucose) which occurs in the cytoplasm, get suppressed when other healthy nearby cells thrive by respiration (i.e. immune cells). And maybe the cancer cells lack the efficient lysosomal machinery to avoid engorgement / molecule overload / sensitivity for metabolism. The same can be true for other diseases as well (e.g. bacterial cells). And consider treatment of diseases which occur because of too strong immune reactions: overactive autoimmune phagocytes can be kept busy by the drug (complex sugar derivatives) instead of destroying surrounding tissue for food / debris (e.g. arthritis and allergy / asthma). Triggering of naive regulatory T cells is another possibility. There are other benefits as well: it makes the endothel of the circulatory system more resilient, and can decrease blood pressure by ca. 5%. And maybe deployment in membranes of erythrocytes and neurons will increase flexibility and give a more rapid exchange of CO2 / O2 and neurotransmitters. Actually, the nervous system use one-third of the body`s energy and should benefit from any good sugar-supply! The Booster Sports Drops is the ideal drops for any high-performer, whether it`s the brain worker, the athlete or the creative artist. It lights the fire! The way these nutraceutical carbohydrate compounds act in the body have always been naturally occurring. There are also drugs, like auranofin (Ridaura) or aspirin that contains ester-bonded acetic acid, and which mechanism of action has not been fully revealed yet. Along with the slaves, it`s also appropriate to mention Jesus who got the strengthening vinegar when suffering at the cross (John 19). The healing energy source is now revealed, elucidated and fortified! The Booster Sports Drops does not contain alcohol, but it has a wonderful blended taste of Jamaica rum and caramel. And the flavour? - It`s like dew beside a river in the Norwegian spring forest. 

Please search the web for info about cell membranes, endocytosis, auranofin molecule, aspirin molecule, glucose molecule etc. 
A three-cyclic sugar / carbohydrate compound, with acetic acid attached, is probably present in the Booster Sports Drops. (Picture shown under) 

Ac = Acetate = CH3CO2-  get dynamically released in the cytoplasm by the help of acid hydrolases (esterases).

Polyphenols, like for instance resveratrol (found in red wine) or curcumin (found in turmeric), or quercetin - a flavonoid in fruits / apples and other polyphenols (e.g in green tea), can maybe act upon cell membranes in a similar fashion as the polycyclic molecules in the Booster Sports Drops. Please search the web for info about resveratrol, curcumin, quercetin and polyphenols / flavonoids / antioxidants. See also cinnamaldehyde / cinnamon in this regard.

Picture of polyacetylated complex carbohydrate molecules. Similar molecules are probably present in the Booster Sports Drops:

Ac to be released in cells!


Please search the internet for info about glucose transporters.
The sugar derivative in the Booster Sports Drops can interact with / substitute / supplement the glucose transporters. Note that there are also other isoforms of glucose transporters which are not dependent upon insulin for their expression (e.g. in brain cells).

The Booster Sports Drops is quickly converted to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in mitochondria. ATP is an energy carrier molecule which play a key role in cell communication and activity. The oxidative phosphorylation to form ATP occurs in the electron transport chain where oxygen (1/2 O2) is reduced to form water, H2O, by the joining of two protons (2H+) and two electrons (2e-). Please search the web for info about the citric acid cycle! The pivotal citric acid cycle takes place in mitochondria. The quick, initiating, igniting, efficient fuel in this cycle is acetate or acetyl (CH3CO-): Acetate + Coenzyme A (CoA-SH) + ATP => Acetyl-CoA + ADP.  The stuff (free acetate) bypasses both glycolysis and the extremely complicated pyruvate dehydrogenase complex by the help of the enzyme Acetyl-CoA Synthetase to become Acetyl-CoA!


In Norwegian

Written by / invented by Ottar Stensvold